About Us

In the 1980’s Daphne Perry, the mother of Chris and grandmother of Aimee, set up a stationery shop at 19 Pickwick Road. The unit had been converted into a shop in the 1950s and had been home to an audio and television shop until the 1970s and a knitting shop before Daphne had the idea to sell personal and business stationery. This was an extension of her husband Doug’s print business, Addkey Print, that was situated in the Precinct Church (now Grounded). One of the most popular services then was faxing documents!

In the late ’90s Doug and Daphne retired and the stationery shop was sold to the Clark family, who operated a chain of stationery shops across the West Country called DAC Stationery. Over the next 20 years, the Clark family ran a very popular business, continuing where Daphne left off.

Meanwhile, Chris and David Kilmurray went about the business of building a commercial print business on Leafield Industrial Estate. The two businesses stayed in touch and in 2017 when the Clark family decided to retire they approached Corsham Print with a view to buying back the business, 20 years after they had sold it.

Corsham Print had grown into one of the most successful commercial printers in the South West and Chris and David thought that a stationery shop would be a great addition and give retail customers access to their print services.

Corsham Stationery was founded and Aimee Perry was appointed store manager, and Sarah, Jo and Siân have been running the business ever since. Aimee in always introducing new products and services, and always on the lookout for new brands to add to the range.

Supporting the community is very important to us and we all love getting involved with local events and our seasonal competitions are proving very popular.

Corsham Stationery is a trading name of Corsham Print who run a commercial graphic communications business on Leafield Industrial Estate supply products and services to the whole of the South West.