Watercolour Paint Set with Size 3 Brush

Watercolour Paint Set with Size 3 Brush

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The Artway watercolour paint set is made from fine-grain, high-quality pigments in a range of full pan spectrum colours. Paints are very easily worked to a smooth consistency to provide free-flowing transparent watercolours. Encased in a metal tin the lid doubles as a handy mixing palette - limits mess and perfect for traveling and painting on the go. Supplied with a quality nylon brush (size 3) to get you on your way.

Apply a small amount of water onto the watercolour block to moisten paint - these paints are free-flowing requiring only a small amount of brush pressure. Watercolours can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces. When working on a dry surface load up the brush with paint and water for a more controlled and targeted application. When applying paint to an area that is already saturated with water the paint will spread and flow naturally over wet areas to produce a range of soft, diffused and unexpected effects.

Colours: White; Brilliant Yellow; Orange; Cerise; Crimson; Violet; Ultramarine; Turquoise; Deep Green; Leaf Green; Raw Umber and Deep Black.

  • 12 quality full pans of colour

  • Artway brush

  • Dries fast and matte

  • Ideal for all levels of experience Metal

  • Tin which doubles as mixing palette

  • Great for traveling